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Seva in America (SIA) Portal is a centralized repository of Seva (selfless service) activities of Hindu communities across U.S. 

This free site designed for any Hindu Community Organizations, Institutions, Temples and Individuals to publish their seva activities and events to engage broader community members and make their selfless services be part of the records maintained by SIA.

This portal helps Hindu Seva organizations to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience about specific Seva programs and use them as models to learn and replicate in their own communities.

This portal is also a way of informing those who need specific services and make them connect with the seva organizations.

Seva programs and activities published through this portal are conducted in accordance with the the Certificate of Incorporation of World Hindu Council of America which holds tax-exempt status through the Internal revenue service under 26 U.S.C. 501(C)(3). SIA accounts for funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and is audited by independent certified public accountant. Seva Programs are in compliance with all requirements of law and regulations concerning nondiscrimination and equal opportunity with respect to its board, management, funding sources and provision of program services.


Many Mandirs in U.S. and NGOs are partnering with SIA in organizing and delivering services in many states. Partial list of the partner organizations are listed here.



In U.S., 5% of the total eligible population give blood. However, less than 1% of the Asian community donates blood. Our aim is to bridge this gap over the next 5 years.



The mission of the society is to provide supplemental education to students living in financially distressed cities, and help them achieve their best potential in education.



HC4A aims to support under privileged population by annually donating school supplies, so that children can start school year with needed materials. HC4A provides vocational training scholarships to the underprivileged so that they acquire skills to get a job that earns equal to or better then living wages.



ICC works to respond to unfulfilled needs in helping community members if they are going through emergency or urgent situations such as serious sickness, hospitalization, family crisis, accident or death.

World Hindu Council of America VISION

A dynamic, vibrant Hindu Society inspired by the eternal values of Dharma, and the lofty ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, meaning, The entire creation is one family.

Dynamic - A society that is moving with the times, nay, verily pushing the envelop of time, ever radiating the timeless wisdom of the Rishis in every act, every achievement, every endeavor. A society that is the master of all sciences, technologies and arts that are known, and yet to be known, to humankind. A society that is boldly experimenting, exploring, discovering and personally experiencing and validating all aspects of the Truth manifested in the universe as it unfolds outside and within us. A society that is fearless, strong, courageous and mighty.

Vibrant - Not a stagnant society but one full of energy and vigor, nurturing the ideas, creativity and aspirations of every member, big and small. A healthy, prosperous society, adorned by the twin jewels of arts and music, beaming with joy and confidence that comes only from abundance. A society that is forever alert and vigilant!

World Hindu Council of America MISSION

Prachar - Raise Awareness

  • Promote Unity amongst Hindus through a network of Parishad chapters and like-minded organizations.
  • Represent Hindu Interest through various forums.
  • Raise Hindu Awareness through seminars, conferences, publications, media, audio-visual aids

Seva - Serve the Community

  • Provide Community Service to people in distress or need without consideration of race, religion or nationality.
  • Build a Team of Parishad members for community service through a strong portfolio of programs and projects.

Samskar - Cultivate Hindu Values

  • Cultivate a spirit of self respect for our way of life, our environment, our Dharma Gurus and institutions and respect for the people of all colors, creeds, races and religions.
  • Create opportunities for imbibing Hindu Values, Hindu Scriptures and Hindu Heritage through Bal Vihars, Camps, Family Retreats, Hindu Community Centers and Educational Institutions.

Sampark - Network

  • Establish Worldwide Contacts with Hindus institutions, temples and people through projects and programs focusing on Hindu interests.
  • Bridge communities and people of all faith.
  • Raise Funds for Parishad Mission. 


Copyright © 2018 SIA, an initiative by VHPA. All rights reserved. 

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